MaeFlower Photography

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I just found these pics in my camera from Mothers Day. I had forgotten that I even took pictures that day! I'm ecstatic that I found them, and have to treasure! This is my little guy and his great-grandpa! Two of my favorite fellows!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wanna steal him!

I was asked if I would do pictures for this little guy who is turning one. He was such a blast! He had THE best faces ever! I'm not so sure his poor mom appreciated him eating dirt, and trees, and being a total mess by the time we were done but I'm certain he had a blast!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This was my second shoot with this adorable family. I shot their daughter Alyssa when she turned one and was so excited to get to do their beautiful new addition too!!

I've been wanting to post these but I finally just got permission. This is a friend of mine. She is amazingly beautiful and amazingly smart(She's a chemist). Her husband is....well frankly....he's grossed out by her being pregnant. I mean...COME ON! This is one gorgeous momma! We decided to do a totally classy shoot and make him a book which she gave him when the baby was born! He did NOT appreciate it on bit but we had a blast!

The Goff Wedding

This adorable couple was crazy enough to want me to do their wedding! It was the first one I've
ever done and I'm so glad that I did it! They were such a cute/amazing couple. This groom was literally bouncing with excitement during the ceremony! Being around them just made me happy!